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Winter Beanies Leaf Design Knitted Hat Cap for Children

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Winter Beanies Leaf Design Knitted Hat Cap for Children
Cold weather is coming and it is necessary for everyone to keep warm. The cap adopts good soft material, and it gives you more warmth in winter. It is the best choice for favorite person, especially for your little angles, to give and bring the warmest care.

Main Features:
Children winter knitted hat
When wearing it and you will not feel cold
Stylish and lovely hat wearing in winter
Good present for your children
Category: Cap
Size: Free Size
Style: Popular
Material: Knitted
Type: manual
Features: Keeping warm
Color: Black
Season: Autumn,Winter
Occasion: Causal,Daily,Outdoor,Holiday
Application: Head
Package weight: 0.056 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 22.00 x 17.50 x 1.00 cm / 8.66 x 6.89 x 0.39 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 22.00 x 19.00 x 3.00 cm / 8.66 x 7.48 x 1.18 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Cap

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Winter Beanies Leaf Design Knitted Hat Cap for Children

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Winter Beanies Leaf Design Knitted Hat Cap for Children


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