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Waterpulse V660 Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator

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Waterpulse V660 Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator
Main Features:
- It also massages and stimulates gums for enhanced circulation
- Removes most plaque from treated areas in a short time
- Well, destroy bacteria in the mouth, eliminate bad breath, enhance teeth health
- Also, safe, gentle and perfect for anyone implants, crowns, bridges of periodontal pockets, and get healthier gum after half a month use

Capacity: 700ml
Voltage: 100 - 220V
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Input power: 12W
Water pressure: 20 - 140psi
Item Type: Oral Irrigator
For: All
Package weight: 0.892 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 16.30 x 13.00 x 22.00 cm / 6.42 x 5.12 x 8.66 inches
Package Content: 1 x Main Machine, 1 x Water Reservoir, 1 x Reservoir Cover, 5 x Tip, 1 x Handle, 1 x AC / DC Adapter, 1 x English Manual
Waterpulse V660 Dental Flosser Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator
Waterpulse V660 Dental Flosser Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator
Waterpulse V660 Dental Flosser Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator
Waterpulse V660 Dental Flosser Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator


2018-04-30 23:31:07

I've tried various brands of both pigs ears and bully sticks for my Doberman girl. The Best Bully Sticks brand lives up to its name! I (and my Dobie) have never been disappointed by the quality. The pigs ears I received were large and whole and had a good 'bacon-y' scent. Other ones I have purchased have sometimes had an off-putting, slightly old/rancid scent. Not these! These are excellent, large pigs ears and are of top quality. We (my Dobie and me) are most pleased with these pigs ears. (Likewise the bully sticks I have purchased several times from this company). Absolutely top quality!

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2018-03-09 20:41:08

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Waterpulse V660 Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator

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Waterpulse V660 Water Jet Oral Care Teeth Cleaner Irrigator


Warehouse: CN-8 | SKU:229012401

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