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Oversize Solid Color Zipper Design Men Casual Pants

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Oversize Solid Color Zipper Design Men Casual Pants
Style: Casual
Material: Cotton Blends
Fabric Type: Broadcloth
Fit Type: Regular
Waist Type: Mid
Closure Type: Zipper Fly
Front Style: Pleated
With Belt: No
Weight: 0.525 kg
Pant Length: Long Pants
Pant Style: Straight
Package Contents: 1 x Men Pants
Style and Fit Disclaimer:
We can guarantee that the overall style displayed in the photography is accurate, however there may be differences in how the style appears during wear. This depends on other physical variables, e.g. personal body size, body shape, limb proportion, height, etc.
Our SizeWaistHipsLength
Our SizeWaist
M(29-30) 73.66~76.2
2XL(32-33) 81.28~83.18
3XL(33-34) 83.18~85.72

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Oversize Solid Color Zipper Design Men Casual Pants

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Oversize Solid Color Zipper Design Men Casual Pants


Warehouse: CN-1 | SKU:184574801

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