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Multipurpose Micro Plasma Mole Removal Cream Pen

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Multipurpose Micro Plasma Mole Removal Cream Pen
Main Features:
● Removal spot without hurting the normal skin and without blooding, easy carry and easy operation.
● Using high-tech, electric ion carbonation functions and instantly sweep freckles, age spot, flat moles, etc.
● It has 3 kinds of intensity for different treatment. Lower level is used on spot and freckle. Strong level is used on mole and skin tags.
● It uses new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency.
● Directly charge by USB line.
● The charging time: about 2 hours
● Continuous use of time: about 4 hours
● Battery: 1000mAh lithium-ion battery
Item Type: Acne Needle
Package weight: 0.221 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 3.60 x 3.60 x 17.50 cm / 1.42 x 1.42 x 6.89 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 21.10 x 10.50 x 4.50 cm / 8.31 x 4.13 x 1.77 inches
Package Content: 1 x Mole Removal Cream Pen, 7 x Needle, 1 x USB Cable
Product Safety Disclaimer:
We do not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this or any other product. All our products are extensively tested to comply with rigorous and strict QC standards. For certain products (e.g. toys, knives, etc.), we recommend proper supervision as we cannot be held liable for misuse or accidents.
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen
Micro Mole Removal Cream Pen


2017-01-19 04:51:59

Good packing and fast delivery
Looks like the description
the product works and has not been damaged

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2017-01-17 06:24:07

isn't heavy, and well see more results later, the manual is in english and Chinese so its ok with english.

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Multipurpose Micro Plasma Mole Removal Cream Pen

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Multipurpose Micro Plasma Mole Removal Cream Pen


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