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Lovely Flower Shape Baby Sucker Bowl Child Tableware Cooking Tools

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Lovely Flower Shape Baby Sucker Bowl Child Tableware Cooking Tools
Baby sucker bowl is the best choice for you kids, especially for those who are too young to hold the bowl. Sucker bowl has strong suction so that your baby can have a good dinner. If your chidren are not good at holding bowl, this sucker bowl also can be a good trainer for you kids.

Main Features:
With safe and nontoxic material, it is convenient to use
With flower shape design, it can catch your kids' eyes and make your baby eat well
It is easy to wash and unbreakable

The color of item will be sent at random
Type: Baby Sucker Bowl
For: Kids
Material: Plastic
Features: Lovely shape and practical
Package weight: 0.251 kg
Package size (L x W x H) : 15 x 15 x 7 cm
Package Contents: 1 x Baby Sucker Bowl
Color and Style Disclaimer:
The item color and style(or pattern) is subject to stock availability, we reserve the right to substitute for another color/pattern.

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Lovely Flower Shape Baby Sucker Bowl Child Tableware Cooking Tools

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Lovely Flower Shape Baby Sucker Bowl Child Tableware Cooking Tools


Warehouse: CN-1 | SKU:110754901

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