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High-Waisted PU Leater Splicing Dark Color Women's Denim Shorts

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High-Waisted PU Leater Splicing Dark Color Women's Denim Shorts
Style: Streetwear
Length: Mini
Material: Jeans
Fit Type: Regular
Waist Type: High
Closure Type: Zipper Fly
Front Style: Flat
Pattern Type: Solid
Embellishment: Spliced
Thickness: Standard
Weight: 0.310 KG
Package Contents: 1 x Shorts
Product Info:
Manual measurement, some errors may exist
Customers Disclaimer
About the Front Buttonhole: Please note that some of our jeans/pants products have closed buttonholes located at the front. Customers are kindly reminded that they will need to open the buttonhole carefully using small sharp scissors to unpick the stitches.

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High-Waisted PU Leater Splicing Dark Color Women's Denim Shorts

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High-Waisted PU Leater Splicing Dark Color Women's Denim Shorts


Warehouse: CN-1 | SKU:YC0648902

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