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Graceful Style Gemstone Inlaid Flower Shape Drop Earrings

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You can find all most profitable Drop Earrings to sell. Chinabrands is one of the biggest drop shipping platform from China and we will offer you black earrings. We have full black stud earrings product over 1000K SKU in wholesale pricing with high quality and you can sell 14k gold drop earrings products from us.
Graceful Style Gemstone Inlaid Flower Shape Drop Earrings
Earring Type: Drop Earrings
Gender: For Women
Metal Type: Lead-tin Alloy
Style: Trendy
Shape/Pattern: Floral
Length: 6.5 CM
Weight: 0.013 KG
Package Contents: 1 x Earrings (Pair)


2017-04-17 08:46:38

purchased these earrings for my 25 yr old granddaughter, who is a mother of a 2yr old, the earrings are her mothers day gift from me!! this is her style of earrings, however I like them myself, very nice quality for the price and love the purple gift bag and the cute Spunky card that came in the bag, will order more soon: update, loved the earrings

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2016-05-13 01:39:30

I love these! I love the way they fit and I was worried about the comfort ad I've worn other threader earrings before and the chain really bothered my ears but these don't at all! I just really love the look of having something in front of and behind of my ear vs just a post behind. Definatley worth buying!!

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2016-03-03 21:14:39

Looks just like the pictures and they look so cute on!! Amazing!!

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Graceful Style Gemstone Inlaid Flower Shape Drop Earrings

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Graceful Style Gemstone Inlaid Flower Shape Drop Earrings


Warehouse: CN-1 | SKU:YE0139301

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