Wholesale Gadget Parts

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Wholesalers of gadgets

The mobile phones industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Billions of people around the world have access to cell phones, even in the most remote countries. However, these small gadgets are not made to last forever and they need to be repaired or replaced every two years, on average.


Taking your phone to a repair store can be a total headache, especially if you are using a Chinese mobile phone with very hard-to-find extra parts to repair it. Do you have a Xiaomi, a Doogee or a Cubot? Are you having problems to find the spare parts for your mobile phones? Are you looking for cell phone parts? In Chinabrands we have everything you are looking for!


Wholesale mobile phone parts

Cell phones break and that is a fact. In our ever-growing industry, every gadget is made to last up to two years at most. Specially the batteries, which tend to be useless over the first year of use. Nevertheless, there is a second market with spare parts to repair cellphones and is growing just as fast as the first market.


In Chinabrands we have thousands of gadgets and spare parts for your mobile phones or other electronic accessories. From broken screens to extra batteries, you can find anything you want in our website. Whether you are looking for batteries for Chinese mobile phones or cases for the latest iPhone or Samsung, take a look into Chinabrand’s offer!


Furthermore, Chinabrands specializes on drop shipping and wholesaling, so you will be able to get unique prices for products that are usually very hard to get in western countries. Your partnership with Chinabrands will boost your store and will increase hugely your products offer!


Wholesale gadget parts

Apart from drop shipping cell phone parts, Chinabrands offers a vast offer of gadget parts supplies to any country in the world. Get unique and the most fashionable gadgets at the best prices, place your order at a wholesaling super price and let Chinabrands to deliver the products to your customers in any part of the world!